Another year, another post…

I got an email the other day… “Your website never updates” it said, and the person asked if I would give him the domain name… you know .. for charity.

Domain names are MUCH more than just for websites. I have my email ( for 20 years now ) on this domain. I do my finances on it and run multiple services on my server based on the domains. I have voicemail and phone services…

So, no… you can’t have my domain name. It’s part of my identity now.

Cleaning (Digital) House

My web server hosting provider is going away, so I have to migrate my data from the old machine to this new one.    In the process, I lost most of my WordPress install ( it’s two years old! ).

So, this is a backup of the old database.   I’ll see if I can restore the posts afterwards.


No joy .. iPhone is unhappy

Well, the theory the Genius had seems not to hold.   The phone is still acting oddly, so I’ll likely go back.

Now .. there is one other thing.  The power of the Apple Store compelled me … oh god did it ever compel me.  Allow me to show you what happens when you need to do a Capital Expenditure for a business near the end of the year:

Oooo ... prety computer

Burning Man — Department of Mutant Vehicles

Today was the first (of many) processing meetings were the Department of Mutant Vehicles sorts through the submissions coming in to select the 2009 vehicles that will make it to the Playa.  The people with early submissions were, for the most part, well thought out!

Can’t wait to see what’s in store in the year to come … and I hope to share some of the most creative ones here.

The importance of check-pointing

A simulation/benchmark that I’m running at work, and started mid-friday afternoon .. just crashed. It takes about 36 hours to run it, and because of the crash I have to go back into the office and restart it.

The 64-thousand-penny question is, now, did the test checkpoint (aka, save it’s state) before crashing? If it did, only the remaining tests have to be run. If it didn’t .. it has to be restarted from the top


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Busy, busy, BUSY day….

Sometimes, this is how I feel...
Sometimes, this is how I feel...

Today I —

Crunched and crunched and crunched both on the hardware design and linux kernel modifications needed at the early stages of designing the seeekret project I’m contracting on.   Brain was dialed to 11 for most of the day.

I picked up a ‘Flip’ camera from to hack on.  They come with 2Gb of memory, and I’m going to see if I can use some Toshiba flash chips to get it up to a massive 8gb.  The firmware seems to support variable storage, and even better — there’s an SD card carrier that isn’t populated on the motherboard.  So, perhaps with some rework I might be able to solder one in.   The controller chip does seem to be present as part of the chip that runs the camera.

*grump*  I also went to the gym, and huffed and puffed for an hour after work.   I don’t like the gym, but it’s the only way I’m going to get back in shape and get both my heart and body healthy again.

Finally, I made plans to go to the movies tonight with a new friend…  and I think I made a complete, utter, total fool of myself doing so.   I really, really, really need to learn to let myself wind fully down from work before trying to be social.   As it was, I was nervous, and I know it both showed and make me feel foolish as all get go.    I enjoyed the movie thoroughly.   3D movies rock.

Sometimes I wonder if I ever will really be as socially smooth as my peers.   I’m good in groups, so/so when I’m one-on-one.  Go figure.

Well .. It’s late, but I think I’m going to hack on the Flip camera for a while.   Then try to figure out how the 3D glasses from the theater work.  Then sleep.

BarCampAustin was awesome…

Yesterday was Bar Camp Austin, and Whurley and company put together a great hacker unconference in the middle of SxSW.   Frankly, SxSW is an overblown, bloated mess.  Tickets are $495, and I hate to say it .. but it’s mostly a bunch of geeks circle-bleeping with each other.  SxSW was originally about independent music, independent film, and the creative spirit.    The addition of SxSW interactive was originally meant to do the same, and bring out the creative side of online content…

… what it’s devolved into is a tech conference, and an exclusionary one at that.   Dorkbot was there LOCKED BEHIND A FENCE.  “Platinum badge, Gold badge, VIP…”

VI-fucking-P for a Dorkbot meetup.  With a tent, music, and god knows what else.

So, thank you William Hurley for putting together Bar Camp Austin!   Thank you to the sponsors who pitched into the BarCamp and made it free for anyone to come and attend.   Somehow, I feel that more and better things happened there that day, than were going on at the big conference.

Bitter?  No.   Not really.    I just have this feeling that enjoying independent film, music, and enjoying some time with hackerly peers doesn’t have to come with a $500, $700 or even $1000 price tag.

The Gym, The Gym, The Gym is on fire…

The gym is on fire,  watch as those calories burn.  Burn.  Burn.

It’s been a cold, and rainy day here in Austin.  Temperatures never rose above 45F today, and the night is wet and rainy and cold.   So, the gym was a nice warm haven from the cold, and a good idea.

Day two of the gym was today.   Same deal as before, but one new exercise added.  I did half an hour on the treadmill, doing cardio training instead so it varied from slow to fast, and I still managed to do nearly two miles on it for a 15 minute mile average.  (fastest lap was a 12 minute mile)  After that, I got on the stair master … escalator from hell!   It didn’t kick my ass, but practicaly every other muscle down from them is definitely going to feel it tomorrow.

Finally, I did some good old fashioned weight training.  Nothing huge, just 3 20-rep arm exercises with a 10lb weight, and then the same weight for some side exercises.

I think I did a pretty good workout overall, for just the beginning.   I’m going to celebrate with a little Weight Watchers pizza, and then call it a night.

Shhhh .. I’m huwntin linux kewnel cowde….

Oh deep in the middle of the USA was a guy named Martin,
Who was huwntin lines of code as fast as he could get a-startin.

As he searched through liwens of cohde he was sure as he could be,
that he’d find the secret of the RAM lines and cache coherency.

Cache that is, memory copied, for later fetching.  See?

Then that programmer found the lines of code that he so dearly sought,
and with the knowledge in his head he was set or so he thought.

However the code inside the kernel was a bit more complex that that.
Now all he wanted was a Kernel Commentary … and a bat.

Wood, that is.  Birch, or maple.  Goooood and hard.

So now the poor programmer is stuck reading code in bed,
As lines of C++ and C go spinning in his head.
So let this be a lesson from this author now to you…

If you read deep kernel code you’re going to be mired in black goo.

(Apologies to the Beverly Hillbillies theme song…)