Hello! No, this domain is NOT for sale.

Hello anonymous person who asked via GoDaddy.

I’m not interested in selling my domain. It’s been part of my identity and businesses since the mid-90s. If you look at the domain registration, you’ll see I’ve had it continually registered and maintained since 2000 with the same registrar.

I’m flattered, but no.



There’s a new French bakery in town!

Mandie and I discovered a great little bakery not far from our house on Parmer Lane! It’s called “Heaven’s Bistro Bakery” and it’s in the most UNIQUE building I’ve seen. It houses the bakery/cafe on the first floor, an architecture firm on the second, and three modern AirBNB apartments on the third floor.

They have awesome pastries and are a very welcome addition to our neck of the woods.

Another year, another post…

I got an email the other day… “Your website never updates” it said, and the person asked if I would give him the domain name… you know .. for charity.

Domain names are MUCH more than just for websites. I have my email ( for 20 years now ) on this domain. I do my finances on it and run multiple services on my server based on the igotu.com/.net domains. I have voicemail and phone services…

So, no… you can’t have my domain name. It’s part of my identity now.

New House!


Last month, I bought a new house in Austin.   Thus begins a new adventure!   It’s on 1.3 acres of land, with a huge pool, near a creek.

Plus, as a bonus, it’s RIGHT on the fiber internet corridor where Google Fiber will be rolled out.



Blog Theme / Roll update


Since the last post I’ve:

* Bought a house
* Increased the size of the hackerspace to 8000 square feet
* Created a company to make ARM motherboards
* Upgraded the ArduPilot board to use an ARM processor

There’s a lot going on! Maybe I should, you know, blog about it or something.


I’ve got a secreeeeeet!

I’ve got a secret.

I’ll post it on Aug 16th.

It’s an awesome secret.

One that involves cold silicon, hot performance, and could change the world of computing.

You’ll see.