Argentina .. Day 6

Today was a day to spend with family again. Mind you, I woke up at .. oh .. noon. I’m feeling back like my old self again, minus some horseness and an occasional cough.

Once I was able to rouse myself out of bed, the plan for the day was to go to Puerto Madero. Like Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, Puerto Madero is now a walking mall full of shops, cafe’s, restaurants and art. It used to be the main port for all of Argenina, and the major dry dock. I grabbed a quick snapshot (below) which they had there in English:

Puero Madero : Sign

While I’m used to walking all over the hills of San Francisco, my family kept asking if I was tired. Of course, I just am getting over strep, but believe me .. the flatness of Buenos Aires makes walking around easy. There are a number of historic and artistic things to see in Puerto Madero. There are two ships there, which were both used as floating schools, as well as trade and exploration vessels. Since one was free, as a national museum, we went on board and took a look. (Most of the pictures are on the gallery, but I’ve included a couple here.)

Corvette UruguayOnboard the UruguaySecond compass of the Uruguay

After exploring the ship, we walked further down. Puerto Madero has attracted all kinds of familiar shops from the US and abroad. One of the funniest was .. Hooters! They dress the waitresses a bit differently, and in fact, somewhat more conservatively than in the USA. Well, just barely more conservative .. plus, they don’t do “wings”.

Hooters .. enough said.

The mall is loooooong, about a mile and a half long, and full of shops. We only went about halfway, and only in one direction on one side of the dock. There is a lot to see, and Porto Madero is right around the corner from most of the big tech companies. Microsoft, Sun, etc.. etc.. are all around. After all that walking, since it was around 6pm, of course then it was time for .. (what else) .. COFFEE! I swear, coffee is Argentina’s national pastime.

MicrosoftSun and MicrosoftCoffee!

After a full day out, we took the subway back home, past Luna Park .. which is one of the biggest indoor auditorium/stadiums around Buenos Aires. There is a big Tennis exposition going on in there, and during dinner it was on Fox Argentina (Yep, Fox is one of the cable channels here.) A fun day out!