Today I feast, for tomorrow .. I diet

Well, as I said a few posts back … starting Monday I’ll be cutting down the calories and restricting what I eat.  Only once before did I ever do anything strict about dieting, and I hope I have the strength of character and will to keep it up.   I have a long way to go, to get back to a slim weight.

So, tonight I enjoyed a suprisingly low-calorie (but sumptuous) meal before I get started.   I went to Red Lobster’s, and had the Ultimate lobster dish.   It was delicious, and thanks to the special, not as expensive as I thought.  ($20 w/ iced tea).   Rock lobster tastes pretty good, quite succulent.

Lobster at Red Lobster
Lobster at Red Lobster

So .. here’s to self control.

Week One

  • Weight: 235 pounds
  • Target: 175 pounds
  • 60 Pounds to go