Argentina .. Day 7

Finally, a day that I get up sometime before noon. Actually, I got up at 10:30, which is a pretty decent effort. I also finally get to give the antibiotic the heave-ho today, which makes me quite happy. For the record, Zithromax makes me sweat, which is not pleasant.

It’s a beautiful day out there. My dad went off with Alan, German and their father to go play tennis. I went with my grandmother to go get groceries. The supermarket wouldn’t look out of place in any big city .. although some of the products might be unfamiliar to some. We picked up some factura (croissants, churros, that kind of thing), milk, juice, ham, fresh bread .. pretty much the usual things. Total cost? About 80 pesos ( less than $30 ). In the US, for the same stuff, I think it would be about $40-50. The exchange rate is in my favor here, and I bought the groceries.

After getting home, I decided to set out for the Parke Centenario (Centennial Park) to check out the flea markets / open air market there. All the pictures have been uploaded to the gallery, but I did get a very good deal on some beautiful mate gourds. I promised the owner of the booth that I would put some of his wares, and a mention on this page. He makes beautiful mate mugs, with bombillas (straws) made from single pieces of bamboo. The mate gourds range from ten pesos up to 50.


Feria del Centenario

Bs.As. Argentina

Mate con caraMate azulMate con bolas Mate doble, base de calabaza

I also picked up another mate, covered in leather, and an absolutely gorgeous bombilla (mate drinking straw) which I’ll take a picture of later.

After walking around the park, and seeing all the shops there, I heade back to the house .. and picked up some sandwiches de miga for my dad (who I was sure would want something to eat after playing tennis) and grandmother. It made for a great supper.

Finally, a good friend of the family nicknamed “Coco” invited me to see the final night of Democracy, a play by Michael Frayn ( ). I love these kinds of thoughtful plays, and I saw another play by Michael called “Copenhagen” a few years ago. I’m very, very, very glad I went to see it. It was playing in the Teatro San Martin, on Corrientes Ave .. only 15 pesos, and I bought my ticket at the last moment. The only unfortunate thing is that the theater is undergoing rennovations, and there was -no- air conditioning at all. It was a 2 and a half our play, and it got HOT in there. Stifling. Still, it was worth it … and they do say you need to suffer for great art.

Er.. or something like that.

Afterwards, Coco and I found a lady friend of his (who is reading this now, I’m sure ) and we all went out to dinner .. to very active political discussion of Bush, Socialism, Venezuela, Chavez, Oil, the War on Drugs, the economic state of South America .. you name it. Coco loves politics, and it shows.

Hola Coco! *abrazo grande*

So, we ended the night at a nice cafe .. all three kinds of coffee served. Cortado, Cordato Liviano, and Cafe Commun (just plain coffee). It was a great night, and after Coco accompanied me back home in a taxi ride .. I typed this entry, and then went to sleep.

Goodnight world .. see you in the morning!