Argentina .. Day 8

Short entry today. It’s been oppressively HOT here in Buenos Aires. I mean -REALLY- oppressively hot. Today it climbed to 35C (95F), plenty of humidity.

Today, finally, I went with my father to see the house on Humboldt street. The house he grew up in, and the one I have so many memories of from when I was fifteen years old. I’m not ashamed to say that it completely overwhelmed me emotionally, and I really am sorry I didn’t return to that house for so long. It’s changed, of course .. a lot more run down, patches on the walls .. but the upstairs has been painted, and the house .. although somewhat empty .. still feels the same.

I miss the DKV ’61 car that used to be in the garage. I really wanted that car when I was a kid .. and frankly I still do as an audult. If I can find one working on the streets of Bs.As., I’ll take a picture and post it. After the visit to the house, we took a walk around Plaza Los Andes, and the feria (street fair/flea market) that surrounds it. Dad picked up some cheap tools, and I was SORELY tempted by some watches .. there was a 1958 Omega pocket watch that, with a bit of polish and work, would have gleamed like new. The inside of the watch was perfect, with no repair marks, but the face was pretty worn.

Afterwards, we walked the eleven blocks back to my grandmothers house, with the usual stop for a coffee. I love walking with my dad, and finally hearing about some of his life.

So, for the evening, Bea and Kragen had the munchies for vegetarian food. We found a place, near the end of the B subway line station (Los Incas), which turned out to be a restaurant run by none other than the Hari Krishnas! Great food, by the way, just a very odd setting for it. We left in the middle of a thunderstorm, had some ice cream while waiting it out a bit, then went back to their apartment off Bernardo de Irigoyen. It’s always fun hanging out with them.

So, I have few pictures to upload today, and just a couple I’ll attach to this entry when I get a chance.

Ciao .. for now..