Argentina .. Day 9

The hot streak continued today. I spent the bulk of the morning trying to figure out how to get tickets for a three day tour of Ushuaia, down in Tiera del Fuego. Of course, there are lots of available tickets .. but it’s the high season and the travel agencies are really pushing the prices up. So, the morning was spent mostly going between different travel agencies.

My Dad took my Grandmother for an eye exam, prior to her getting some cataract surgery tomorrow. She’s nervous .. who wouldn’t be?

So, after a few fruitless hours spent in the blazing, humid, awful heat of a Buenos Aires summer day .. I came home, drenched in sweat. My shirt was literally soaked, and my hair looked like I had just gotten up from the morning. About ten minutes after getting home, my Dad and Grandmother got back. Eat, shower, then shut down for a nap/rest were the watchwords until 7pm rolled around.

My grandmother and I went to the supermarket so she could pay her bills, and we grabbed drinks and the like to take back home. Dinner was simple, chorizos, some t-bone steak, and a nice salad of tomatos and anise.

Relatively simple day eh? End it all with ice cream (helado) from across the street. I picked up HALF A KILO of ice cream, (one pound plus a bit for us crazy Americans) with THREE flavors for .. get this .. eight pesos. That’s right, one pound of ice cream for two bucks and some spare change. Oh, and the nice man threw in another small cone (worth two pesos) just because I asked for a taste of the crema rusa (turns out .. that means praline! Yum!).

Not a bad day. No pictures, but oh well.