Argentina .. Day 10

Gah! A trip to El Calefate to see the glaciers, and then to Ushuaia and back to Bs.As. is more than US$1k. Looks like I’ll have to do it on another visit, because frankly that’s a bit too steep for me.

Dad took Gran to get the cataract surgery this morning, and they were back by noon. Zip/zap done! She has an eyepatch (of course) but it’s just temporary, and she’s quite a trooper. Told me that the whole thing was over, and that she wasn’t even aware that they had done it, so fast and painless.

So, I’m sticking around the house, and I’ll go out later this evening. I hope Bea and Kragen are having a smooth move from the old apartment to the new one. I also hope they have internet access there! *smile* They got spoiled at the old location, with “banda ancha” (broadband) wireless.

Well, it looks like Bea and Kragen got a nice little apartment. There’s internet, and true to form .. within a few minutes of actually getting there, the Airport Express is running and Bea is online. There’s a “picetero” (picket line/protest) downtown, so the going was slow.

I took a good solid 15 block walk to the Mr. Miga, and picked up a dozen or so sandwiches de miga to bring home. I feel better, since I was going a wee bit “need to get out and walk” crazy. It’s still hot out, but nowhere NEAR as brutal as yesterday.

The night isn’t being much better .. total lack of wind. It’s nearly 1am, and the night is still a fitful 27C. Oh well, thank goodness for the AC.