Argentina .. Day 14

After running around all day yesterday, I took a break today. Might have something to do with the extreme humidity (96%) and the high temperatures (34C) today.

My best friend, Andrew, is going to be working a job down in San Diego for me this weekend. I’m nervous about the job, no so much from the technical viewpoint (Andrew is kick ass! He’s a sysadmin extraordinare), but from the “murphy’s law” viewpoint. I’m handling the travel, car, expenses remotely from here and I’m five hours ahead of PST.

So, around 2pm I went back to the feria in the Parke Centenario .. and picked up two more mates, and some leather items that I’ll be bringing back. I zipped out of the house, walked all of three blocks, got the stuff, got back. My clothes and hair utterly drenched in sweat from the short trip.

So, I am going to stay indoors the rest of the day, until it cools off. Still, I got a great deal on all the items and I’m pleased as punch.

After getting back, I kept track of Andrew’s flight and such. Everything went without a hitch, and I’m happy.

So, last thing I did was walk with grandma to a restaurant down one block. She had a boneless grilled chicken quarter, I had a milanesa de ternera, and we split a pancake w/ dulce de leche. All that, for US$10. I love restaurants here.

There was a huge storm last night.  I have a video, which I’m going to compress and put here, but it will take a while (it’s 700MB).  Lightning every half a second, thunder and horizontal rain.

So, sleep is good.  Tomorrow my mom arrives at 10:30am, and I figure she’s going to have a rough flight with all this weather.   No photos today, since I was inside most of the day.