Argentina .. Day 15

Mom’s here!   She arrived at 10:30am, and just like when I arrived, Carlos Gotelli and Dad picked her up.   Grandma put out a fantastic spread of sanwiches de miga, factura, nice ham, you name it.   Poor mom, the storms of the last couple days got her .. and the flight was buuuuuumpy.

Plus, it’s zoom zoom zoom for the mom today too.  After brunch, she had enough time to settle into the apartment next to my grandmothers (Sylvia’s apartment) and take a shower.   Them it was off to Palermo Hollywood .. sound familiar?  It should!  It’s a mirror repeat of my day one!

We walked ALL over, and the plaza was absolutely stuffed full of people.  I managed to grab one more mate (blue, aluminum w/ an aluminum bombilla) and a cup/plate with the famous “Malfalda” characters on them.   After walking through quite a few of the streets, and visiting shops .. we stopped at the same cafe even as the first day.    Cafe cortadas all round, and I split a crepes-with-dulce-de-leche with my mom.

We got home around 8-ish, and I was getting reports in from Andrew on the cellphone.   He’s in San Diego working with me with a client I have there.   We’re installing a load balancer, and rewiring the network, and such.   Unfortunately the five hour difference is a killer.   I didn’t get much sleep last night.