Gloomy, rainy Saturday afternoon.

I was planning on going to Santa Cruz today, to get a long soak in a hottub at Kiva with friends.   Unfortunately, none of my friends could make it, and I really don’t feel like driving there on my own.   Between the car accident that caused all the chaos at work, being named interim CTO, and the stress of the week … I really need a day to just relax and take my mind off of things.

This being random thoughts, here are some:

  • Dragonfruit milkshakes are very VERY purple, and yummy
  • Going for an exercise walk in rainy weather is just miserable
  • The true measure of friends is what they do when the chips are down.   I have quite a few good ones.
  • People you love can hurt you the deepest, and sometimes not realize they are doing it.
  • Depression isn’t sadness, it’s apathy … and hard to fight
  • Squidlist is passé