Darnit! Missed my chance to snag a Aqua Teen Hunger Force …

I went to dorkbot tonight, and there were three people there who had those Aqua Teen Hunger Force viral ad blinking LED signs. As it turns out, I’ve been _staring_ at one for the better part of the month, rather oblivious to the fact that they are collectible.

So, juiced up I immediately went back to check on it .. and it’s gone. Poof! It was near a railing on 280, which would have made a difficult retrieval, but possible with help. Oh well, sad me.

On the other hand the dorkbot this time round was RAD! I recorded the whole thing, and have encoded it to an mp3. I’m going to give a go at linking it here and possibly podcasting it.

Dorkbot MP3 file – dorkbot.mp3