Dynamic Self-Balancing Robots

Yesterday I spent a pleasant afternoon in the workshop of Anybots a company started by Trevor Blackwell to explore the technologies needed to make a walking, self balancing robot. I have not had the opportunity to go to his workshop before, but he recently uploaded a video of his android Dexter walking and being pushed by Monty.

Trevor is also responsible for making a number of other fun self-balancing creations. My personal favorite is his copy of the Segway .. I like to call it the Trevway. The Trevway is built from off-the-shelf components, and has quite a few unique features. You can find more information about his self-balancing unicycle and other creations on his website.

We had some fun at the shop exploring the possibilities of Monty’s robotic hand and arms. One of the most amazing things is in the following clip I shot on my little handheld camera:

Monty Throws and Catches a Ball at Anybots