For my Dad, one of my fondest childhood memories…

I recently had a nightmare, which don’t happen often for me. Afterwards, I sat down and recorded this song, which is something my Father used to tell me each night before I went to bed.

Remembering it, and recording this, made me feel much better. So, thank you Dad, I love you.

The Four Things

I was bored, so I composed some acapella music…

I was bored.  I had Garage Band… I had a microphone.  What would YOU do?

This is the Plurk song:

I got frustrated with FireFox .. so:

I asked someone for a random subject – Zombie Smurfs!

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Documenting the HP Touchsmart IQ770 and Ubuntu

Thanks to the compUSA out-of-business clearance sale, I managed to pick up an HP Touchsmart IQ770. This machine was expressly built to run Vista, and to say the least the official HP linux support is poor does not exist.

TouchSmart PC IQ770

However! I’ve managed to get the most important bits working, and figured I would document the process of getting Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon (7.10) installed and working.

The wireless lan adapter in the machine hangs off the USB bus, and while not expressly supported by the zd1211rw driver, CAN be made to work. The proper way is to edit the zd_usb.c driver to include the vendor/product id code. I went ahead and just hex-edited the driver directly and once “sudo modprobe zd1211rw” was run, it came directly up.

The Vendor ID – 0x0ace The Product ID – 0xb215

Argentina .. Day 17

Off to Uruguay for two days ( 19-20 Dec ).  I´ll post about the trip to Colonia when I get back and have a chance to nap.  Just two days left in Argentina, and then I´m heading home.

I´ve literally taken a couple _hundred_ pictures in the last couple days.  Too many to upload at non-broadband speeds.