flu, part 2

You know that coughing, chills, sweaty, porcelain worshipping kind of night you get when you have the flu?  Yep.  that one…

We’re in the 21st century.  Forget flying cars.  I want a cure for the flu!

BUUURP. Sushi. So Good.

One of my favorite restaurants in Austin is Uchi.   They practice Molecular Gastronomy, and the dishes are delicious.   A friend of mine from California (and her beau) invited me out to dinner, and we had a lovely one.  I did the ‘small’ tasting menu .. which does come to just about a Benjamin.

Totally.  Worth.  It.

Google+ API, a moving target

It seems that every few days, Google is making fundamental changes to the Google+ API.   I have been trying to reverse engineer it to make a trivia game, but I can’t keep up with the changes.  I think they are on a daily release cycle at the moment.  No wonder they haven’t released it yet.

Mechanically beautiful design

Mechanically beautiful design — The Fletcher Expanding Table.   It’s a table, with an expanding mechanism that belongs in a Steampunk movie.



One of the more ‘fun’ tasks at the hackerspace is maintenance and repair.   A couple weeks ago someone broke the big belt/disc sander combo.  Turns out it uses fairly common 6″ x 40″ belts… that for some reason are totally hard to find.   I finally got a few from Harbor Freight, and fixed the tool.   Ah, the smell of fresh sandpaper in the evening!

repaired belt sander


The W0Z!

I really, really respect and like Steve Wozniak.   He joined Google+ a couple days ago.

Financial stuff is hard..

Have you ever tried to use Quickbooks?  I have been trying to get ATX Hackerspace’s finances off a spreadsheet and into the online version of Quickbooks .. and the conclusion I’ve come to is that accountants are part evil wizard, part sadist, all crazy.