Holy Tortilla!

I was working late, and decided to make a quesadilla. After popping a tortilla in the toaster, what came out is just short of a miracle! I’m not by nature very religious, but this completely shocked me.

It’s a face, that just appeared on the tortilla as it was toasting. I leave it up to you as to who this looks like. However I had to take a few photos of the holy tortilla, and I’m going to preserve this thing in a ziplock bag.

Look for yourself! There are more pictures of this miracle flatbread on my gallery – http://www.igotu.com/gallery2/v/jctortilla/

The Pirate Bay — Down?


The website returned back into service quickly after this posting.   The site may have been down for maintentance or due to a glitch.

There’s no word from Anakata, but from visiting the official Pirate Bay channel on IRC:

* Now talking on #thepiratebay.org
* Topic for #thepiratebay.org is: Site is down. We’re working on it.
* Topic for #thepiratebay.org set by neotic!neotic@illvilja.org at Wed Jun 6 12:03:19 2007

No word as to why the site has gone down, yet. There were no comments other than the terse one line topic.

Dune – A parody circa 2003

Some years ago, late at night on the #userfriendly channel on the undernet, the following sillyness took place.  Of that night, the phrase “It is by caffeine alone” has spawned t-shirts, stickers, blog posts, and all manner of sillyness.  however, few people have the entire chat log of the evening, and here it is .. for posterity:

(Llarian) It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion…
(Llarian) Its is by the beans of java my thought acquire speed…
(Llarian) The hands acquire shaking, the shaking becomes a warning…
(Llarian) It is by caffeine alone I set my mind in motion…
* Martyn hits Llarian, and then passes him a note .. “The forms of Kanly have been observed.”
(Llarian) Martyn: h, but, a War of Assassins is SO much more chic these days. =)
(Martyn) Llarian : Careful .. or you will force me to use the Family Caffienonics.
(Martyn) Llarian : “The coffee is the worm, the worm is the coffee.”
(Llarian) Martyn: But, but… Those are forbidden by The Great Percolator!
(Llarian) I must not sleep. Sleep is the buzz killer. Sleep is the little  low that bring about total exhaustion. I must face the coffee. I must permit it to pass into me and through me.
(Llarian) And when it is gone, I will turn my cup upside down. Where it has been there will be grounds. Only the buzz will remain…
(Martyn) Llarian : Muad’ Drip says it’s okay .. it’s a jihad after all. The brown-eyed warriors of the desert Cappuchins are on our side.
(Martyn) “Tell me of your home world, TeaSul. Of the flowing coffee that comes from drip percolators.”
(Martyn) “The Guild uses the grounds to fold space and time. It is said that they exist in a mist of caffeine, and that it has twisted their perceptions as well as their bodies.”
(Llarian) The Bene Guaranait deals strictly with politics, whereas the Brewing Guild focuses more on mathematics…
(Rob) The caffeine MUST flow
(Tara_Li) No, it’s the Bene Caffinate….
(Martyn) You must drink from the filter of life. The Bene Guaraniait cannot help you now.
(RoundTop) the pure grounds of a fresh pot will change you…forever
(Llarian) He can see into the place where they dare not look. Into the strain of coffee of which only men may drink.
(RoundTop) you will earn the name…pitr… and they shall revere you
(RoundTop) place the programmer in the sands..and the caffeine will appear
(Martyn) “Look! Groundsign! You have good eyes my Duke, the grounds are milling wide. It is sure to be a big one.”
(RoundTop) quick….pull out the filter..hurry..before it is too late
(RoundTop) get the grounds out!! hurry!
(Rob) The brewsuits store the excess caffeine from your bodies, which it then brews into a perfect mocha, which you may drink from here
(Martyn) Go to that place, the place you dare not look, and you will find me there holding a #5 Melitta FILTER!”

Problems in Paradise (Fort Lauderdale Laptop Thieves)

So, over in sunny Fort Lauderdale there has been a recent spate of laptop thefts.   The way the crime works is:

  • Find a mark at a cafe/restaurant/wherever
  • Wait for the mark to walk away from the laptop to get something (coffee, paper, whatever)
  • Saunter in wearing a hoodie, put the laptop in a satchel, and walk out in 10 seconds or less
  • Step into a waiting car at the sidewalk

That’s it.  While not generally reported in the news, hundreds of laptops are being stolen every day, and very few of them are being recovered. Why aren’t these thefts more widely reported?  Why hasn’t this come to the general attention of the local, state, or national news?  Given that the average laptop is over $1000, this means that every day hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of laptops are stolen!

If there was a crime ring stealing TV’s, you can bet it would be on the news.

Spent time at justin.tv, working on scaling issues

So, justin.tv (a week-old streaming 24/7 videolog) is having some teething issues related to scaling.   Spent a wonderful couple hours at the justin.tv apartment talking with Emmett, Michael, Justin and eventually Kyle too.   The overall conclusion is that the current AJAX+proxy chat has to go, to be replaced by an XMPP based flash chat (which is nice since it will be embeddable).   For now, until something better comes along, the website will be balanced via Pound, and continue to run on lighty+Rails.  The Amazon EC2 grid is holding strong for hosting, and S3 is ideal for storing the archive of FLV movies.

So, a productive evening!   Thanks guys, and I’ll see you tomorrow at 8pm for poker .. woot!

Balancing work, and a social life…

It’s an inverse relationship, and one I don’t like.   The more time I need to devote to Tux Vision, the less time I have to be human, social, and interact with people.   There has to be a way to balance the two needs.

Not why I wanted to pop on, however.  I met quite a few interesting people at Super Happy Dev House, who liked the fajitas and were interested in all kinds of topics.   If you want to get in contact with me, but only remember the website’s name .. my email address is martin AT i got u dot com.   Feel free to say hi!  I’ll be traveling all over the place in the next few weeks, but I promise I’ll at least ping you back over email.

Segway Limitations

  • Segways on plush commercial carpets, lowers range dramatically
  • Crowded environments .. and people’s toes
  • Leansteer column makes a cupholder almost impossible
  • Should have a headlight built in.  No really good lights available.
  • Actually, more lights in general would be good.  Visibility!

Second Life Party was AWESOME

So, this is a short and sweet post.  I went to the Second Life party tonight and there was the most AWESOME mix of people there.  Not just your usual technorati/digirati/rati-rati kind of people.   I bumped into old friends I haven’t seen in a long time (hey there Scott!), met all kinds of new people, talked about gSpace and media set top boxes, the Segway didn’t hurt either.  I was photographed and blogged about .. all in all .. what a night!

For those people that I met, and pointed to here .. I wil do my best to get in touch with you over the next few days.  I genuinely want to talk about all the myriad subjects discussed tonight.

I wish I had taken out the camera, and gotten more photos.   Memory is a funny thing, and my long term storage isn’t the best.

As for now, it’s time to get to -sleep-.