Measuring Randomness.


It’s actually remarkably hard to prove that something is random.

This is annoying, if you’re trying to create a high quality pool of entropy for Linux.

I need to find someone who is an expert at using timer jitter as a source of entropy, and see if a rigorous proof is available.

Little pleasures…


Sticking your hand in a basket of dry beans..

Kissing someone and watching their eyes light up with surprise and happiness..

A clean car..

Throwing a stone in a pond, and watching the ripples..

Going “A-BOO!” to a baby, and the giggle storm it causes.

And another thing..


This weekend, I’ve managed to:

  • reconnect with a friend I haven’t seen in over a decade
  • make massive monetary decisions about car, work, and play
  • find a credit card I thought I lost on a plane six years go
  • play. on. a. swing!  WHEEEEEEEeee…
I’m proudest of the last thing on the list.  We really need to remember to play as adults.

10 words a day


I haven’t really put much up here lately, and I was reminded of something my English teacher told me when I was in 6th grade:

“Most of the greatest authors, on average, only ever really wrote 10 words a day over a year.  It’s not that hard to write, but it is hard to be diligent about it.”

She’s right .. so, from now till the end of the year, lets see if I can post at least 10 words a day.

How hard can it be?

Mooooooved hosting providers

So, after two years at Amazon AWS .. and being charged $80/mo, I’ve made the move to Rackspace.  They have virtual server instances for as little as a couple pennies an hour, and they are more than robust enough to run my blog and the other services I use.  Plus, they have a fantastic flexible storage subsystem that I can use for data lockers.

So .. goodbye AWS, hello Rackspace Cloud.

For the record, the move from one to the other took 2 hours.   Neat.


Setting up BBS’es in the midst of revolution

Right now,  I’m helping set up BBS’es in Egypt, half a world away … to help people get back online, communicating

  • to help stem the tide of violence
  • to keep the actions, everyone’s actions, in the open
  • to help loved ones stay in communication
  • to help carry the voices of those in Egypt to the world

I’ve got a secreeeeeet!

I’ve got a secret.

I’ll post it on Aug 16th.

It’s an awesome secret.

One that involves cold silicon, hot performance, and could change the world of computing.

You’ll see.