A year of Pandemic, A year of change

Coronavirus Micrograph (2020)

It’s been a year of change, a year of pandemic, and a year of loss. From March 2020 onwards the world basically… stopped for a while. We started looking inwards. Trump’s lies give way to Biden’s hope. That kind of thing.

Still, it’s kind of a missing year as well … one where so much has happened, but at the same time, not much progress.

Hello, this domain CONTINUES not to be for sale…

Well … the anonymous offer from GoDaddy is back. I’m guessing you didn’t even visit the website the first time.

Allow me to re-iterate.

I’m not interested in selling my domain. It’s been part of my identity and businesses since the mid-90s. If you look at the domain registration, you’ll see I’ve had it continually registered and maintained since the 2000s with the same registrar.

Furthermore, I Got U Technical Consulting is an active business. If your client would like to directly contact me about purchasing this business and all its assets for the market value I may be amenable.

Otherwise, have a good day.


New House!


Last month, I bought a new house in Austin.   Thus begins a new adventure!   It’s on 1.3 acres of land, with a huge pool, near a creek.

Plus, as a bonus, it’s RIGHT on the fiber internet corridor where Google Fiber will be rolled out.



Blog Theme / Roll update


Since the last post I’ve:

* Bought a house
* Increased the size of the hackerspace to 8000 square feet
* Created a company to make ARM motherboards
* Upgraded the ArduPilot board to use an ARM processor

There’s a lot going on! Maybe I should, you know, blog about it or something.


Gnocchi and fun stuff…

IMG_1156I made some awesome gnocci the other day (Paprika/Oregano).
Last night five people joined the hackerspace.
I have over 3500 followers in Google+.

Amazing things are happening in my life.

Sometimes, and more than just occassionally:

Life. Is. Good.


Today, I want to be everywhere, anywhere but right here. Wanderlust! Well at least I know next week I’ll be in Las Vegas.

Since we’re on a homopolar motor kick…

Okay, it’s Monday and I *DO* feel better. This evening I’ll be having fun at Microcontroller Monday at the hackerspace, but for now, I’m still on a homopolar (faraday) motor kick.

This is an example of a homopolar generator. High current! It’s why flywheel homopolar generators are used to store energy from the Grid: