BUUURP. Sushi. So Good.

One of my favorite restaurants in Austin is Uchi.   They practice Molecular Gastronomy, and the dishes are delicious.   A friend of mine from California (and her beau) invited me out to dinner, and we had a lovely one.  I did the ‘small’ tasting menu .. which does come to just about a Benjamin.

Totally.  Worth.  It.

Setting up BBS’es in the midst of revolution

Right now,  I’m helping set up BBS’es in Egypt, half a world away … to help people get back online, communicating

  • to help stem the tide of violence
  • to keep the actions, everyone’s actions, in the open
  • to help loved ones stay in communication
  • to help carry the voices of those in Egypt to the world

trying Karibu Ethiopean in Austin

I’m at Karibu Ethiopean restaurant in Austin, on 7th about 3 blocks south of I-35. Until recently there was only one choice for Ethiopian food here (Asters).

Tonight is more about trying the tried and true favorite dishes than adventure…

… and Karibu does not dissapoint!

The Kitfo ( beef tartare, beautifully spiced and served warm ) was delicately spiced and had a wonderful texture.   Paired up with an Alicha Wot (beef curry, finely cubed) these two formed the foundation for a wonderful dinner.  As is traditional, it was served on a beautifully decorated large tin platter, on top of two huge pieces of the traditional sourdough flatbread – Injera.  The vegetarian stews that accompanied the dish were Kik Alicha (yellow split peas in sauce), Difin Misir Wot (whole brown lentils with chopped onions), and Abesha Gomen (collard greens).

Served up with plenty of Injera, and the traditional Ethiopian coffee, this dinner was second to none.   The restaurant is a couple blocks on the East side, and not at all busy.   This is a real Jewel of Austin, and I’d reccomend it to anyone looking for a fantastic meal at a reasonable price.

Back from Black Rock City

Well, I’m back from Burning Man and well rested after a nights stay at the grand Sierra resort/hotel. My driving partner is over two hours late and I hav no idea when she will get here. My flight leaves at midnight.


Burning Man — Department of Mutant Vehicles

Today was the first (of many) processing meetings were the Department of Mutant Vehicles sorts through the submissions coming in to select the 2009 vehicles that will make it to the Playa.  The people with early submissions were, for the most part, well thought out!

Can’t wait to see what’s in store in the year to come … and I hope to share some of the most creative ones here.