Since we’re on a homopolar motor kick…

Okay, it’s Monday and I *DO* feel better. This evening I’ll be having fun at Microcontroller Monday at the hackerspace, but for now, I’m still on a homopolar (faraday) motor kick.

This is an example of a homopolar generator. High current! It’s why flywheel homopolar generators are used to store energy from the Grid:

Google+ API, a moving target

It seems that every few days, Google is making fundamental changes to the Google+ API.   I have been trying to reverse engineer it to make a trivia game, but I can’t keep up with the changes.  I think they are on a daily release cycle at the moment.  No wonder they haven’t released it yet.

Measuring Randomness.


It’s actually remarkably hard to prove that something is random.

This is annoying, if you’re trying to create a high quality pool of entropy for Linux.

I need to find someone who is an expert at using timer jitter as a source of entropy, and see if a rigorous proof is available.

Mooooooved hosting providers

So, after two years at Amazon AWS .. and being charged $80/mo, I’ve made the move to Rackspace.  They have virtual server instances for as little as a couple pennies an hour, and they are more than robust enough to run my blog and the other services I use.  Plus, they have a fantastic flexible storage subsystem that I can use for data lockers.

So .. goodbye AWS, hello Rackspace Cloud.

For the record, the move from one to the other took 2 hours.   Neat.


Setting up BBS’es in the midst of revolution

Right now,  I’m helping set up BBS’es in Egypt, half a world away … to help people get back online, communicating

  • to help stem the tide of violence
  • to keep the actions, everyone’s actions, in the open
  • to help loved ones stay in communication
  • to help carry the voices of those in Egypt to the world