Welcome to sunny Buenos Aires, Argentina

Hola Amigos!

On Saturday I hopped on the noon flight from SFO to Atlanta, and from Atlanta to Buenos Aires .. Aaaaaargentina. It’s one heck of a trip .. four and a half hours from SFO to ATL, then an hour between flights, and then another nine and a half hours to Argentina. Oddly enough, I’m not all that tired, even considering how much flying I’ve done.

It’s a five hour time difference from Calfornia. Right now, it’s 7:15pm, the sun is just starting to go down over the horizon… lets hear it for SUMMER! It’s a beautiful day, springlike, just a bit cool .. around 70F. My father, who came here a month ago, says I’ve been pretty lucky. Yesterday it was blistering hot, and humid, and muggy.

I’ll be updating the website with pictures on the gallery, but I figured I’d share a couple here before I do. On my first day here, on of the closest friend of the family (Carlos) and my dad picked me up from the airport. I also ran into an old colleague from Penguin Computing when picking up the baggage! He left a few months ago, and is considering purchasing a vineyard property in Mendoza. Weeeeiiirrrd coincidences, consider I left Penguin Computing the day before yesterday. (That’s worth a blog post in and of itself, really)

So, in any case, the pictures. My grandmother (Celia) set us up with a wonderful brunch of coffee, media lunas (croissants, little ones, sweet) and sandwiches de miga (thin sandwiches). I grabbed a few snapshots at the table, and after a short rest to get my back into shape, we went out for a walk around the town around 3pm. I’ll try to be more diligent about taking pictures, but we walked into a wonderful open air artisan market in Palermo Hollywood where a lot of nice art pieces could be bought and sold. I grabbed a mate gourd for 12 pesos, to replace the one I cracked a few years ago. Finally, we ended up in a nice cafe, where our waitress (who just came from a photo shoot..) served up some absolutely stunning coffee, fresh media lunas, and then a quick taxi ride home.

Brunch with Grandmother, Father, Simon and NoraBrunch with Grandmother, Father, Simon and NoraThe sunset from the porchOut for a walk on the townOut for a walk on the townThe cute waitress and model