AppleCare, how I love thee, let me count the ways…


It is a word that will convert, or scare away just about every user of an Apple product.   How a department that provides basic customer care and product service can inspire such divisive feelings is a mystery and a half to me.

That said, I just had an occasion to use my AppleCare coverage on the new Macbook Pro 15″ (glass) unit that I custom ordered from Apple.   Being a custom machine, they cannot provide service for it directly at an Apple Store, or do an in-store exchange.  I know my Macbook Pro has some pretty anomalous build issues:

  • Loose Screen Hinge (I mean ‘fall down’ kind of floppy)
  • Top row of keys on the keyboard all tilt up to the right at an angle
  • the keys are a bit tilted in the F-key row

  • There is a loose screw somewhere in the battery bay area

So, I called it in, and they -instantly- offered to replace the laptop with a new one.  They are arranging for and paying for the shipping of the original one back to Apple, and the whole process should only take a week or so.  No huff, no fuss, and they are even going to be looking at the laptop I bought to see what the build issues are so that it won’t happen to other people.

Apple, thank you.  That’s service with a capital “S” that is very hard to find in a modern company.  I’ll update with more as the process goes on (and try to get some photos of the issues I have on here.)