Argentina .. Day 2

What a DAY

It was a whirlwind your of the city, from the blocks around my grandmothers house with my father. Then on through to the biochemistry institute where he’s collaborating here, then onwards via the subway to all points in the city! Calle Florida is a long, long pedestrian mall street where everything can be bought and sold. Harrod’s of london is there, so is Burberry, and any other number of shops.

Fourteen million people live in and around Buenos Aires, it’s a HUGE metropolitan city. This street reflects that, with thousands of people milling through from one end to the other.

My dad and I stopped at the famous Richmond Cafe (Florida 460), a beautiful 1920’s era restaurant all done in wood paneling, for lunch. At 3pm. You have to admire the love these people have for eating late, and not doing ‘fast food.’ I had an absolutely yummy lomo (Filet Mignon) sandwich, and my dad had a chicken/veggie crepe. Finish it all off with some of the best sparkling mineral water and a good beer.

Dad w/ Crepepict0356.jpgpict0358.jpg

A short walk down a couple blocks, took us to one of the more recent additions to Calle Florida, the Galleria mall which is a converted railway station / stock exchange. It’s incredible, filled with shops, a humongous Christmas tree, and statues that look like Maradona, Santa Claus, etc.


Afterwards, we took a walk to the end of Calle Florida to San Martin park. There is the Park Hotel there, a remnant of the British colonial era, and one of the few five star hotels. If you want to see what the bar, and lounge look like .. pop onto the photo gallery.

We then went through the park, with a great view of the English Clock tower .. which lies exactly opposite the memorial to the fallen soldiers in the Falkland Island wars. It’s a clash between the British heritage, and the legacy it left behind. We ended the walk by going to the gorgeous apartment (well, whole floor really) of the good family friend Chiche. He was kind enough to give me the keys to the apartment, so I have a place to ‘escape’ if I need it.
Finally, we met up with Simon and Nora again .. and they took us for a whirlwind tour of the waterfront area of the city. At some point, I’ll edit together some of the video I took of us zooming all around the park, through the embassy district, and up and down the lake, racetrack, and polo stadium. As the night descended (and it’s summer here, so the sun stays out till nearly 9pm) .. we headed to a restaurant called Ale Ale and stayed there till 11:30pm. I practically fell over asleep after getting home, but had to do a little work for my clients in San Diego.