Argentina … Day 3

Today, I met up with Kragen and Bea Sitaker. They are both working their way around South America for a year-long trip of exploration. I know them through Kennita, and Erica, and a whole lot of other friends of mine … they seem to cross my social circle quite a bit .. and now they are even crossing my travel plans!

In any case, I met up with them at the apartment they are renting off of Calle Independencia, not too far away from Calle Florida (Of which I spoke so highly of yesterday.) So, it’s a natural to suggest that we all walk over there, and enjoy lunch at (where else?) Cafe Richmond! Getting to the apartment was all kinds of fun. If you have experienced the subways in Japan, you have an idea what kind of “sardine can” effect rush hour has on the Buenos Aires Metro Subway system.

I’ve had a scratchy throat all day, and am losing my voice. Looks like I either have laryngitis or strep, we’ll have to see. In any case, I gave Kragen his first taste of an alfajor (a cookie .. some dulce de leche .. and another cookie, covered in powdered sugar .. or chocolate .. or what have you). He stood struck dumb in the street, looking at the new wonder in his hands. He’s such a 5-year-old at times .. it’s cute.

So, good friends, good walk around town .. first time out on my own power. Buenos Aires isn’t that hard to get around, although it helps to have a “Guia ‘T'” guide, which you can buy at any old kiosko in town for 6 pesos (two dollars).

We ate at around 3pm, wandered around for another couple hours, and then I had to make it back to my grandmothers apartment to go to an asado being held at the house of my Tio Tiodoro. WHAT a spread, wait till I get a chance to upload the pictures so you can see the amount of asado he made. There’s lots more to say, but it’s late, and I should get a good nights sleep.

Turns out that scratchy throat -is- some kind of strep, so .. thanks to having a doctor .. or two .. or three .. in the family I’m dosed up on antibiotics for the night, and should be able to beat it. I’ll spend tomorrow quietly in bed. I’ve learned my lesson over and over again .. when fighting an infection, stop everything and let the body fight.

-Martin .. over and out