Argentina .. Day 5 (Yipee!)

So, loaded up with Zithromax (500mg, damned effective) for the third day, I’m feeling much better. I’m not ready to go out on a whirlwind tour, but Bea and Kragen (who wants to be called Javier .. his middle name) and I are going out to museums today. Bea’s been having headaches, so I want her to see one of the family docs, and hopefully we can do that today.

Since I’m not in the best shape, I took a taxi rather than the Metro to the Sitaker apartment. So, off we went on a walk north up 9 de Julio, to grab a bit of lunch after meeting up. They got a taste of their first sandwich de miga .. Javier had cheese and red bell pepper, Bea had jamon crudo and cheese, and I (wimping out this time) had jamon cocido and cheese. They were yummy, and the perfect fuel to go find the Museum of modern art on Corrientes…

… which happens to have been turned into a theater, and is closed. Funny thing about the Guia-T, it’s got a great map, and the bus routes are up to date.. but NOT the information in the back. DON’T TRUST the Guia-T’s listings for museums. Finding that the museum was closed, we grabbed some shade in a cafe and I had some Ser (energy drink, like gatorade). After regrouping, we figured we’d to go the park next to the zoo, and enjoy the shade there.

There were some cute, well cared for cats there, and both Bea and Javier had a fun time petting kitties in the park. While couples all around did their best to match the cuteness of the cats by cuddling with each other. *heh* Not that I’m a third wheel or anything .. I had a kitty in my lap too. These are not the usual mangy cats you see all over Buenos Aires. These cats are in very good shape, and cared for attentively.

Afterwards, we headed to my Tio Chiche’s house, and he got a chance to consult with Bea. Took a while, but once he was done, Javier opted to go home and try to join a bug-squashing (programming bugs! Not roaches or anything like that…) meeting that was going on. Bea and I went to see “Casino Royale” in English with Spanish subtitles. Finally, we headed home at something like 2am via taxi. After dropping her off, I took the taxi home.

Quite a day, but a good one. Not bad for 14 hours.