The Gym, The Gym, The Gym is on fire…

The gym is on fire,  watch as those calories burn.  Burn.  Burn.

It’s been a cold, and rainy day here in Austin.  Temperatures never rose above 45F today, and the night is wet and rainy and cold.   So, the gym was a nice warm haven from the cold, and a good idea.

Day two of the gym was today.   Same deal as before, but one new exercise added.  I did half an hour on the treadmill, doing cardio training instead so it varied from slow to fast, and I still managed to do nearly two miles on it for a 15 minute mile average.  (fastest lap was a 12 minute mile)  After that, I got on the stair master … escalator from hell!   It didn’t kick my ass, but practicaly every other muscle down from them is definitely going to feel it tomorrow.

Finally, I did some good old fashioned weight training.  Nothing huge, just 3 20-rep arm exercises with a 10lb weight, and then the same weight for some side exercises.

I think I did a pretty good workout overall, for just the beginning.   I’m going to celebrate with a little Weight Watchers pizza, and then call it a night.