Work work work

Finally, all the hardware, operating system, and software has come together and I can get to doing some serious benchmarking at work.   It’s taken a couple weeks to get to this point, and today was superduper productive.   So productive, in fact, that at night I was left spinning and thinking and spinning.   Can’t say I got the most solid sleep.

I also watched more Robot Chicken.    I have to say that I’m thankful this show is only 15 minutes long.  It’s just about right for how much TV I care to watch, really.

One last thing .. I know I’m bored when there are tons of little gadgets taken apart all over my workbench table in the room.   There are a bunch of little projects that I was working on that are finally getting to the ‘completed’ stage.   Secret project X, for one, is now code complete and I gave it a good test on the workbench.   I need to make a Flash or other web-based program to control it now, and figure out a user-friendly way to get the programs that are made into it.  One thing at a time, I guess.

This Friday – Monsters vs Aliens!   I need to find someone whose willing to go see it with me.