At the Apple Store for the iPhone… again

So, this is try #2 to have my iPhone battery issues resolved.   The phone has started to reset/power down on it’s own randomly, and this is definitely a hardware or battery issue.   Last time I came the Genius indicated that it might be a ‘software corruption’ issue, and reset my iPhone without restoring the software.

This involved restoring the contacts from mobileme, which luckily went without a hitch.   I’m syncing the phone with mobileme and made a backup at home just in case.

Lets see what they do for try #2

I lost my spot (10 minute reservations) and it took about an hour to get a Genius to ‘slide me in’ to the schedule.    A bit frustrating, but that’s directly in proportion to the difficulty in getting a parking space at the Domain.

After a quick examination, the Genius at the bar determined that the issues I was experiencing warranted a replacement unit.   It took him about 5 minutes to get a new unit, swap out the SIM card, and send me on my way.    The new phone synced it’s contacts back from MobileMe, and I was off and running.