Problems in Paradise (Fort Lauderdale Laptop Thieves)

So, over in sunny Fort Lauderdale there has been a recent spate of laptop thefts.   The way the crime works is:

  • Find a mark at a cafe/restaurant/wherever
  • Wait for the mark to walk away from the laptop to get something (coffee, paper, whatever)
  • Saunter in wearing a hoodie, put the laptop in a satchel, and walk out in 10 seconds or less
  • Step into a waiting car at the sidewalk

That’s it.  While not generally reported in the news, hundreds of laptops are being stolen every day, and very few of them are being recovered. Why aren’t these thefts more widely reported?  Why hasn’t this come to the general attention of the local, state, or national news?  Given that the average laptop is over $1000, this means that every day hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of laptops are stolen!

If there was a crime ring stealing TV’s, you can bet it would be on the news.