Unboxing the Chumby (Updated live)

So, after months of waiting, my black first-run Chumby has arrived. Like Apple, Chumby has chosen to drop-ship directly from their manufacturer in Shenzen, China. Only took five days to arrive .. impressive!

Okay .. okay .. on with the unboxing!

This is the box as it was, directly from Shenzen. I put an apple next to it as a size comparison.

The box the Chumby came in

Chumby in the box, in the wrapper

This is the chumby out of the box, with an apple beside it to compare sizes.

Chumby wrapped up out of the box w/ apple

Being a geek .. of course I chose Basic Black as the color. The tag from the bag inside sticks out of the packaging so you can tell what you ordered is right, even without opening it. I’m showing both sides for the hell of it.


You have to hand it to the people at Chumby. Just like Apple, they REALLY REALLY know how to package something up in an exciting and cool way. Inside the outer wrapping .. is a burlap bag, full of Chumby goodness!

Chumby burlap bag

Now, it’s a shell game. Inside the burlap bag are two -more- bags, and the Chumby itself. The first bag is a soft, blue, suede leather bag, that has a faded Chumby logo on it. Inside are the Chumby charms. Collect ’em all, I guess! You get three of them.

Charms bagThe chumby charms in the bag

Okay, time to get to the fun bit .. the CHUMBY! Here’s a peek into the bag, and the other accessory .. the power adapter.

Chumby in the bag, in a sewn pocket.Power adapter in a separate bagPower adapter out of the bag

And now .. the guest of honor at this unboxing .. the Chumby itself.

Chumby : FrontChumby : Back

Well .. all that’s left now is to insert Power Adapter (A) .. into Chumby (B) and see what the little thing does. Oh, and read the manual of course. Here is is, in a nice plastic sleeve that was behind the Chumby in the bag.

The instruction manual

After taking off the protective plastic (on front bezel, screen, and on the back covering the USB ports). The power button is just below and beside the jack where the adapter plugs in. After pressing it, the chumby brought up a screen calibration and then began a cute and very long “introduction to the Chumby.”

Chumby Intro Video

Once that finished, it scanned for WiFi, and shows a network configuration screen. It found my local WEP2 encrypted network. The character-keyboard interface is weird and not very easy to use .. they need to learn from the iPhone and other similar touch based devices.

After startup, configuration panelTime to activate the ChumbyControl Panel

This is a close-up of the screen.   It’s very bright, crisp, and the antialiasing makes the text look wonderful and easy to read.

Antialiasing and screen clarity

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