Today, I want to be everywhere, anywhere but right here. Wanderlust! Well at least I know next week I’ll be in Las Vegas.

Since we’re on a homopolar motor kick…

Okay, it’s Monday and I *DO* feel better. This evening I’ll be having fun at Microcontroller Monday at the hackerspace, but for now, I’m still on a homopolar (faraday) motor kick.

This is an example of a homopolar generator. High current! It’s why flywheel homopolar generators are used to store energy from the Grid:

flu, part 2

You know that coughing, chills, sweaty, porcelain worshipping kind of night you get when you have the flu?  Yep.  that one…

We’re in the 21st century.  Forget flying cars.  I want a cure for the flu!

I hate the flu..


Today, I’m coughing, phlegm-y, fever-y, and generally miserable.   Let there be Matzoh Ball soup.

BUUURP. Sushi. So Good.

One of my favorite restaurants in Austin is Uchi.   They practice Molecular Gastronomy, and the dishes are delicious.   A friend of mine from California (and her beau) invited me out to dinner, and we had a lovely one.  I did the ‘small’ tasting menu .. which does come to just about a Benjamin.

Totally.  Worth.  It.