flu, part 2

You know that coughing, chills, sweaty, porcelain worshipping kind of night you get when you have the flu?  Yep.  that one…

We’re in the 21st century.  Forget flying cars.  I want a cure for the flu!

I hate the flu..


Today, I’m coughing, phlegm-y, fever-y, and generally miserable.   Let there be Matzoh Ball soup.

BUUURP. Sushi. So Good.

One of my favorite restaurants in Austin is Uchi.   They practice Molecular Gastronomy, and the dishes are delicious.   A friend of mine from California (and her beau) invited me out to dinner, and we had a lovely one.  I did the ‘small’ tasting menu .. which does come to just about a Benjamin.

Totally.  Worth.  It.

Google+ API, a moving target

It seems that every few days, Google is making fundamental changes to the Google+ API.   I have been trying to reverse engineer it to make a trivia game, but I can’t keep up with the changes.  I think they are on a daily release cycle at the moment.  No wonder they haven’t released it yet.


One of the more ‘fun’ tasks at the hackerspace is maintenance and repair.   A couple weeks ago someone broke the big belt/disc sander combo.  Turns out it uses fairly common 6″ x 40″ belts… that for some reason are totally hard to find.   I finally got a few from Harbor Freight, and fixed the tool.   Ah, the smell of fresh sandpaper in the evening!

repaired belt sander