The Gym, The Gym, The Gym is on fire…

The gym is on fire,  watch as those calories burn.  Burn.  Burn.

It’s been a cold, and rainy day here in Austin.  Temperatures never rose above 45F today, and the night is wet and rainy and cold.   So, the gym was a nice warm haven from the cold, and a good idea.

Day two of the gym was today.   Same deal as before, but one new exercise added.  I did half an hour on the treadmill, doing cardio training instead so it varied from slow to fast, and I still managed to do nearly two miles on it for a 15 minute mile average.  (fastest lap was a 12 minute mile)  After that, I got on the stair master … escalator from hell!   It didn’t kick my ass, but practicaly every other muscle down from them is definitely going to feel it tomorrow.

Finally, I did some good old fashioned weight training.  Nothing huge, just 3 20-rep arm exercises with a 10lb weight, and then the same weight for some side exercises.

I think I did a pretty good workout overall, for just the beginning.   I’m going to celebrate with a little Weight Watchers pizza, and then call it a night.

Shhhh .. I’m huwntin linux kewnel cowde….

Oh deep in the middle of the USA was a guy named Martin,
Who was huwntin lines of code as fast as he could get a-startin.

As he searched through liwens of cohde he was sure as he could be,
that he’d find the secret of the RAM lines and cache coherency.

Cache that is, memory copied, for later fetching.  See?

Then that programmer found the lines of code that he so dearly sought,
and with the knowledge in his head he was set or so he thought.

However the code inside the kernel was a bit more complex that that.
Now all he wanted was a Kernel Commentary … and a bat.

Wood, that is.  Birch, or maple.  Goooood and hard.

So now the poor programmer is stuck reading code in bed,
As lines of C++ and C go spinning in his head.
So let this be a lesson from this author now to you…

If you read deep kernel code you’re going to be mired in black goo.

(Apologies to the Beverly Hillbillies theme song…)

Stomach ache.. three days worth.

Monday night I had a terrible stomach bug that left my insides raw from praying to the Porcelain Throne from both ends of the tube.   It’s been a full day and I can still feel my insides ache.    While I did want to lose weight, this is definitely not the way to do it.    I’ve got no real appetite, mostly from the dull constant ache, but I’m making sure to eat something regularly and snack as I go along.

And drink plenty of water to boot, of course.

Arrived in Austin

Well, I’ve arrived in Austin.  Can’t really say much for the accomodations other than “sparse” .. but at least I’m here.   First priority — get clean, get showered, then get fed.   After that, clean the car up, and find directions for tomorrow.


Packing, and getting ready for the trip…

From SF to Austin

Well, I’m almost done packing the car for the trip from SF to Austin TX tomorrow.   I’m excited, and it’s going to be a LOOOOOOONG drive in a very short amount of time.   I’m planning on around 850 miles per day in the mini.  Today’s preparation included getting a new pair of driving glasses, changing the oil in the mini and replacing the lamps, and passing by the library to load up on audiobooks.

Wheeee.  New GPS maps are loaded, phone is charged, and the cooler with drinks and food is ready too.   This is exciting.

Ahhh … Ikea

Today DL and I  (along with our friends DJ and Ash) went over to IKEA to grab a couple things.  I promised DL that I would replace a manky old Shakespeare-style table she’s using in the craftroom if she would put it aside.   So, today was the day and we grabbed a nice drafting table from IKEA.