The joys of the gym…

Yes, yes, I admit it.  After not going for … oh … two or three years, I went to the gym yesterday.   One of the perks of staying at the Extended StayAmerica is free access to the nearby Gold’s Gym.  I need to get my heart back in shape as much as the rest of my body, so I mixed up some low impact/fat burning/cardio exercise.   I did half an hour on the treadmill, and half an hour on the elliptical keeping my heart rate up around 135-140.   Between the two I burned about 500 calories, and did about 4 miles,  which isn’t a lot for a workout, but good solid consistent exercise.

I tried to use the bike machines, but my muscle tone and body aren’t ready for it yet.   I won’t bother with a real bike until I can ride the stationary bike consistently for half an hour to an hour.

Still, it was heartening to see a solid mix of people there … from the very fit, to people like me, to people less fit than me.

… unfortunately, the TV closest to me was playing a report about Rush Limbaugh (*puke*) … fortunately, I had my mp3 player with me.   For the record, afterwards, no banana for me… but I did enjoy a nice crisp apple later.

Notes and thoughts on the diet

Well, it’s likely more in my head than anything else, but knowing I can’t have just anything I want for lunch is giving me a craving for things I know I shouldn’t have.   *laugh*  Go figure.

I have my mug of herbal tea, and a bottle of water at hand.   There’s no reasonable way that the hunger pangs I’m having just this second are much in the way of ‘real’ hunger.  That said .. Mmmmm .. banana will be good.

Today I feast, for tomorrow .. I diet

Well, as I said a few posts back … starting Monday I’ll be cutting down the calories and restricting what I eat.  Only once before did I ever do anything strict about dieting, and I hope I have the strength of character and will to keep it up.   I have a long way to go, to get back to a slim weight.

So, tonight I enjoyed a suprisingly low-calorie (but sumptuous) meal before I get started.   I went to Red Lobster’s, and had the Ultimate lobster dish.   It was delicious, and thanks to the special, not as expensive as I thought.  ($20 w/ iced tea).   Rock lobster tastes pretty good, quite succulent.

Lobster at Red Lobster
Lobster at Red Lobster

So .. here’s to self control.

Week One

  • Weight: 235 pounds
  • Target: 175 pounds
  • 60 Pounds to go

Experiments in weight loss

I’ve spent the last month looking carefully at various options for weight loss.  I know my heart isn’t in the best shape (or the rest of me for that matter), and I want to lose weight carefully but also not at so slow a pace that I can’t see progress.   Moderately, in other words.

So, here’s the plan:

  • Less wheat and rice, substitute quinoa/amaranth/millet which have more protein and less carbohydrates
  • Absolutely no fast food
  • I already drink diet sodas, juices, and water .. but I’m going to give up all caffeinated drinks (coffee/tea/coke/etc)
  • Regular, aerobic exercise.  Either at the gym or just on my own, one hour a day at least.
  • Get a good bike, one that fits me and my needs.  Possibly a recumbent, that I can substitute car driving with for short trips.
  • 80/20 ratio of fresh natural food to processed foods.
  • Once a week, blog my weight.  Keep track of it, and keep track of trends.

That’s it.   Hopefully I can do it, and keep it up starting Monday.   Let’s see how it goes.

Okay, maybe not so private…

I have forgotten little things, some things, and some big things.   About three weeks ago I was looking through some old letters and papers of mine from Australia in 1994 … and I didn’t remember people, places, that I clearly wrote about.   I couldn’t remember the people who even wrote me back.

It’s utterly disconcerting to know that a piece of my life, pieces really, simply vanished as if into a black pond .. leaving not even a ripple.

Some of that is in the last two entries that I’m not sharing with everyone.   Still, it’s important to realize that bits did indeed go missing, and I’m not likely going to get it back.

Right now, I’m watching a program about Terry Pratchett and how he is living with Alzheimers.   It’s oddly heartening to watch.