Google+ API, a moving target

It seems that every few days, Google is making fundamental changes to the Google+ API.   I have been trying to reverse engineer it to make a trivia game, but I can’t keep up with the changes.  I think they are on a daily release cycle at the moment.  No wonder they haven’t released it yet.


One of the more ‘fun’ tasks at the hackerspace is maintenance and repair.   A couple weeks ago someone broke the big belt/disc sander combo.  Turns out it uses fairly common 6″ x 40″ belts… that for some reason are totally hard to find.   I finally got a few from Harbor Freight, and fixed the tool.   Ah, the smell of fresh sandpaper in the evening!

repaired belt sander


Financial stuff is hard..

Have you ever tried to use Quickbooks?  I have been trying to get ATX Hackerspace’s finances off a spreadsheet and into the online version of Quickbooks .. and the conclusion I’ve come to is that accountants are part evil wizard, part sadist, all crazy.


Measuring Randomness.


It’s actually remarkably hard to prove that something is random.

This is annoying, if you’re trying to create a high quality pool of entropy for Linux.

I need to find someone who is an expert at using timer jitter as a source of entropy, and see if a rigorous proof is available.

Little pleasures…


Sticking your hand in a basket of dry beans..

Kissing someone and watching their eyes light up with surprise and happiness..

A clean car..

Throwing a stone in a pond, and watching the ripples..

Going “A-BOO!” to a baby, and the giggle storm it causes.

And another thing..


This weekend, I’ve managed to:

  • reconnect with a friend I haven’t seen in over a decade
  • make massive monetary decisions about car, work, and play
  • find a credit card I thought I lost on a plane six years go
  • play. on. a. swing!  WHEEEEEEEeee…
I’m proudest of the last thing on the list.  We really need to remember to play as adults.