trying Karibu Ethiopean in Austin

I’m at Karibu Ethiopean restaurant in Austin, on 7th about 3 blocks south of I-35. Until recently there was only one choice for Ethiopian food here (Asters).

Tonight is more about trying the tried and true favorite dishes than adventure…

… and Karibu does not dissapoint!

The Kitfo ( beef tartare, beautifully spiced and served warm ) was delicately spiced and had a wonderful texture.   Paired up with an Alicha Wot (beef curry, finely cubed) these two formed the foundation for a wonderful dinner.  As is traditional, it was served on a beautifully decorated large tin platter, on top of two huge pieces of the traditional sourdough flatbread – Injera.  The vegetarian stews that accompanied the dish were Kik Alicha (yellow split peas in sauce), Difin Misir Wot (whole brown lentils with chopped onions), and Abesha Gomen (collard greens).

Served up with plenty of Injera, and the traditional Ethiopian coffee, this dinner was second to none.   The restaurant is a couple blocks on the East side, and not at all busy.   This is a real Jewel of Austin, and I’d reccomend it to anyone looking for a fantastic meal at a reasonable price.

At the Apple Store for the iPhone… again

So, this is try #2 to have my iPhone battery issues resolved.   The phone has started to reset/power down on it’s own randomly, and this is definitely a hardware or battery issue.   Last time I came the Genius indicated that it might be a ‘software corruption’ issue, and reset my iPhone without restoring the software.

This involved restoring the contacts from mobileme, which luckily went without a hitch.   I’m syncing the phone with mobileme and made a backup at home just in case.

Lets see what they do for try #2

I lost my spot (10 minute reservations) and it took about an hour to get a Genius to ‘slide me in’ to the schedule.    A bit frustrating, but that’s directly in proportion to the difficulty in getting a parking space at the Domain.

After a quick examination, the Genius at the bar determined that the issues I was experiencing warranted a replacement unit.   It took him about 5 minutes to get a new unit, swap out the SIM card, and send me on my way.    The new phone synced it’s contacts back from MobileMe, and I was off and running.

Works continues on Austin Hacker Space

Today marks a pretty cool day at the space .. we put in the ceiling joists and are framing up the rooms. One more day and the first four 8×10 workspaces are done! We also paid Les our deposits, and more material was bought for the buildout. Next week will be mostly about cleaning and getting some areas ready for having people come over.

A great day of hackerspace building

Today was _awesome_ .. Eight of us came to the space at noon, and really got a solid day’s work in building out our new hackerspace. Today lots of sheetrock got put up, and one of the workshop spaces was fully framed in (door, window, etc) and we’re getting ready to put ceilings in. What used to be a huge pile of pine studs is now down to a dozen or so, and it’s just another day’s work or so to finish up the other two workshop spaces.

It’s COOOOOOOOLD in Austin right now.  Today never got over 40F, and tonight it’s going to be a chill 26 degrees.   BRRR.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s still LOTS of work to do .. the classroom still needs to be cleaned, there’s still bunches of stuff all over the place, and the bathrooms aren’t finished. It’s just wonderful to make quick and steady progress, one weekend at a time.

So .. here are some of today’s photos:

Its soooooooooo cold!

Austin today is sitting at 26F… good gosh it’s cold. The hackerspace is a wearhouse with no heat, so I’m seriously considering renting a propane fan heater for tomorrow.