Argentina .. Day 14

After running around all day yesterday, I took a break today. Might have something to do with the extreme humidity (96%) and the high temperatures (34C) today.

My best friend, Andrew, is going to be working a job down in San Diego for me this weekend. I’m nervous about the job, no so much from the technical viewpoint (Andrew is kick ass! He’s a sysadmin extraordinare), but from the “murphy’s law” viewpoint. I’m handling the travel, car, expenses remotely from here and I’m five hours ahead of PST.

So, around 2pm I went back to the feria in the Parke Centenario .. and picked up two more mates, and some leather items that I’ll be bringing back. I zipped out of the house, walked all of three blocks, got the stuff, got back. My clothes and hair utterly drenched in sweat from the short trip.

So, I am going to stay indoors the rest of the day, until it cools off. Still, I got a great deal on all the items and I’m pleased as punch.

After getting back, I kept track of Andrew’s flight and such. Everything went without a hitch, and I’m happy.

So, last thing I did was walk with grandma to a restaurant down one block. She had a boneless grilled chicken quarter, I had a milanesa de ternera, and we split a pancake w/ dulce de leche. All that, for US$10. I love restaurants here.

There was a huge storm last night.  I have a video, which I’m going to compress and put here, but it will take a while (it’s 700MB).  Lightning every half a second, thunder and horizontal rain.

So, sleep is good.  Tomorrow my mom arrives at 10:30am, and I figure she’s going to have a rough flight with all this weather.   No photos today, since I was inside most of the day.

Oi! Catching up – Day 11-13

Ooookay… so I’ve been busy enough that I’ve neglected to post anything about it at all. This is the somewhat condensed version of the last few days:

Day 11:

My Baba (grandmother) got her cataract surgery today. Since my dad doesn’t have anyone to back him up today, I stuck around nearby to make sure he had backup.
Day 12:

Today, after sleeping in a bit, is the day of the GRAND EXCURSION with my great and extraordinary dad. We went all over the place! Starting at Porto Maedero (to get tickets to Uruguay on Buquebus), we then took the bus to the old town of Boca.

bridge porto maderoporto madero Continue reading “Oi! Catching up – Day 11-13”

Argentina .. Day 10

Gah! A trip to El Calefate to see the glaciers, and then to Ushuaia and back to Bs.As. is more than US$1k. Looks like I’ll have to do it on another visit, because frankly that’s a bit too steep for me.

Dad took Gran to get the cataract surgery this morning, and they were back by noon. Zip/zap done! She has an eyepatch (of course) but it’s just temporary, and she’s quite a trooper. Told me that the whole thing was over, and that she wasn’t even aware that they had done it, so fast and painless. Continue reading “Argentina .. Day 10”

Argentina .. Day 9

The hot streak continued today. I spent the bulk of the morning trying to figure out how to get tickets for a three day tour of Ushuaia, down in Tiera del Fuego. Of course, there are lots of available tickets .. but it’s the high season and the travel agencies are really pushing the prices up. So, the morning was spent mostly going between different travel agencies. Continue reading “Argentina .. Day 9”

Argentina .. Day 6

Today was a day to spend with family again. Mind you, I woke up at .. oh .. noon. I’m feeling back like my old self again, minus some horseness and an occasional cough.

Once I was able to rouse myself out of bed, the plan for the day was to go to Puerto Madero. Like Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco, Puerto Madero is now a walking mall full of shops, cafe’s, restaurants and art. It used to be the main port for all of Argenina, and the major dry dock. I grabbed a quick snapshot (below) which they had there in English:

Puero Madero : Sign Continue reading “Argentina .. Day 6”

Argentina .. Day 4

Ick.  Bleaugh.  Poo.

Sick me, in bed, for the day.  Running a fever, and I know better than to tempt the fates by even trying to go out today.  I’ll stay here at my grandmothers house and recover.

-Martin over and out

Argentina … Day 3

Today, I met up with Kragen and Bea Sitaker. They are both working their way around South America for a year-long trip of exploration. I know them through Kennita, and Erica, and a whole lot of other friends of mine … they seem to cross my social circle quite a bit .. and now they are even crossing my travel plans!

In any case, I met up with them at the apartment they are renting off of Calle Independencia, not too far away from Calle Florida (Of which I spoke so highly of yesterday.) So, it’s a natural to suggest that we all walk over there, and enjoy lunch at (where else?) Cafe Richmond! Continue reading “Argentina … Day 3”