On the love of robotics…

So, let me tell you about today…

  • Still getting over the flu *cough!* *cough!*
  • Went to the doc, found out that by coughing hard I cracked a rib
  • I found source code for a project I thought I had lost (yay!)
  • … and found a melted chocolate bar on the floor of the car (ugh!)
  • Negotiated a contract for a couple hours on the phone
  • Went to Harry’s Hofbrau in Redwood City to have dinner with the Hackers

So, all in all a very productive kind of day considering I’m still getting over the flu, eh?

The best part of the day was being able to work on secret project X and realizing that it’s basically a robotics project.  No matter how exotic things get, it’s still down to Proportional Integral Derivative control, and the storing and playback of motor patterns.  That gave me a good reason to dance, at least mentally.

So, here’s hoping that I get over the last symptoms of this flu soon.  Temperature was 99.9 on the thermometer last I checked.  Not great, but at least it’s a low-level fever.  If it doesn’t break by tomorrow, I’ll consider another checkup w/ the doc.