The joys of micro PC’s

Ahh .. netbooks.   I can definitely say that after having the Lenovo S10 for a couple months that I literally can’t imagine being without it.  Easily portable, just 2lbs, and with the battery I got for it on ebay .. it runs for SIX FRICKIN HOURS.   The new battery I just got will probably run it for 12 hours straight.

In other news, in Le Bad Cinema:

This has been a service announcement by your friendly neighborhood video addict.


As new jokes show up, I’ll update this page.  so far:

GOOGLE AUSTRALIA — The google football

GOOGLE USA – CADIE, the AI takes over GOOGLE :

YOUTUBE turned UP-Side-Down – CADIE reprograms YouTube to make it upside down :

Google Chrome – CADIE makes Google Chrome in 3D :

eBay / Paypal : It’s unknown if these Google properties will be participating

DISH TV : Many channels are showing a parody of the Dish TV help channel

More to come…

Burning Man — Department of Mutant Vehicles

Today was the first (of many) processing meetings were the Department of Mutant Vehicles sorts through the submissions coming in to select the 2009 vehicles that will make it to the Playa.  The people with early submissions were, for the most part, well thought out!

Can’t wait to see what’s in store in the year to come … and I hope to share some of the most creative ones here.

The importance of check-pointing

A simulation/benchmark that I’m running at work, and started mid-friday afternoon .. just crashed. It takes about 36 hours to run it, and because of the crash I have to go back into the office and restart it.

The 64-thousand-penny question is, now, did the test checkpoint (aka, save it’s state) before crashing? If it did, only the remaining tests have to be run. If it didn’t .. it has to be restarted from the top


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My best friend Andrew came to visit from Dallas!

One of my best, and closest friends, Andrew .. came down with his fiancé Kim from Dallas to visit his parents.  It turns out they live all of 3 miles from where I’m living at the moment.   The visit was all too brief, but it was wonderful to see my old friend, go wandering about and share a meal.